Case Studies

In order to reduce the money and time your business spends, your dedicated print room ensures that you receive a personal approach from an informed, refreshingly energetic team. Our clients expect us to understand their priorities, needs and preferences. It is only then that we can offer the bespoke service that has become our trademark. From providing print advice to best pricing and management of your order requirements, the process is seamless. You deal with dedicated specialists on your team, who will get to know your business and fulfilment requirements inside out. Built on the foundations of quality service, technology and consultative thinking, the case studies that follow illustrate the process.

Mind Gym

Mind Gym, a worldwide leader in personal and professional development, operates from three bases: London, New York and Singapore.


  • Deliver bespoke coaching packs to over 270 certified coaches living around the world – often at a moment’s notice.
  • Consistently replicate the Mind Gym green, central to their brand
  • Identify the precise needs of a rapidly growing organisation


During the past four years we have developed a tailor made solution to the clients very specific needs. This includes producing branded material using the corporate identity of their global customers’.

  • Working with their intuitive browser based CRM system
  • Regular stock checks – Mind Gym uses this solution to manage their stock levels as it provides real-time stock levels and efficient reporting
  • An online workflow integrated with Mind Gym’s internal accounting systems/procedures
  • Speed of response – packs have been produced using bespoke artwork in as little as an hour and a half from placing of order and despatched that day
  • Consistency and reliability of solutions
  • Guaranteed cost savings on the current print spend through efficiencies and the economies of print on demand
  • Trusted partner who delivers consistency across all brands with fast turnarounds
  • Continuous improvement and development of online solutions
  • Developing a deep understanding of the clients communication and fulfilment needs

Art Projects

Set out to develop a world of creative opportunities where the self-confident child grows through the shared experience of art. Art Projects for Schools, is the leading supplier of fundraising creative projects to primary schools. Our projects include Year Books, Leaver Gifts, Calendars, Children as Designers and the most popular Christmas Card Project. This project lets children design their very own Christmas cards, gift tags and wrapping paper which they can have professionally printed for parents, friends and family. The project gives children an opportunity to be creative and celebrates their efforts and achievement. The school also raises much needed funds from the orders made by parents.


  • To meet the high demand to print bespoke children’s artwork within a condensed time frame at short notice with complex orders.
  • To develop and integrated online ordering and production process which would reduce the workload on teachers and PTA’s whilst giving parents and children a rewarding shopping experience.


We will be producing 120,000 orders in four weeks from 200,000 children’s artworks each separately packed and despatched back to the children’s schools.

New Perspective understand customer service. They really care about getting the job done right. They respond quickly, explain all the options, and get my order completed quickly. We’ve kept ordering from New Perspective because they are so reliable, helpful, and courteous.