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Are Marketing Brochures An Effective Marketing Tool?

Is your ability to impress your prospects and customers long-lasting? Brochures are an excellent way to make a lasting impression, displaying what you stand for, who you are and what you do, all in a matter of pages.  Brochures are an effective way to market your business offline; Bentley University found that 85% of readers discover new businesses through this medium, and 61%  make a purchasing decision after seeing products in brochures.

Offline marketing efforts are extremely important to allow for a well-rounded marketing strategy. Offline advertising can allow you to reach a wider audience with a targeted approach, with research finding print ads are the most trusted advertising channel when making a purchase decision (Marketing Sherpa). 

Here are four ways in which brochures are an effective way you can market your business.

1. Brochures Are Easy to Distribute

Brochures are versatile marketing tools that can be placed in various locations to target specific audiences. By strategically distributing brochures, you can reach out to potential customers in a more accurate and measured way. 

For instance, based on prior research, you can choose a specific location where your target audience is likely to be. This could a particular shop, within the post, or even on coffee shop tables.

Brochures are a great addition to hand out with other free merchandise at events or exhibitions. This allows people to take them home and read them at their leisure. You can also include them in orders or distribute them at business centres.

Physically handing out brochures can assist in your referral process,  others can showcase what your company stands for and provide examples of your work. The physical presence of your brochure can also easily be spotted by friends or colleagues, allowing them to get an insight into your brand.  

2. Brochures Hold Lots of Information

Brochures are an effective way for companies to share a lot of information in a small space. Unlike business cards or flyers, brochures can be divided into multiple sections, especially if they are designed as a trifolds. This makes it easy to include all the information you need to stand out. Typical information to include on a brochure may consist of:

   - Your Company Logo

   - A brief summary of what you offer

   - A comprehensive list of your products and services

   - Your company values

   - Case studies

   - A short testimonial

   - What sets us apart from your competitors

You can also consider adding a promotional code or offer in the brochure to attract new customers.

3. Brochures Can Help To Grab Attention

Marketing Brochures
WRG, a Steel Partitioning company, came to us to print out their new high-end brochure.

If designed correctly, a brochure is a perfect way to capture as well as contain someone's attention. Often, a brochure creates the first impression of your business, so you want to get it right. Create a message that has impact and pair it with a creative design. 

When crafting your message, consider your audience and what information they need. Start with the most important information and keep your sentences short and direct; use bullet points where appropriate and include photos or graphics where there's an opportunity to reinforce content. Remember to also include powerful and captivating headlines throughout.

4.  Brochures Are Cost-Effective 

Brochures are an extremely cost-effective way of marketing your business. Once the design stage is complete, all that is left to do is print them out! You don't need to have large quantities of brochures to get started; even a small amount can help set you apart from competitors with your marketing efforts.

New Perspective Digital Print

Brochures can be highly beneficial for your business in many ways. They provide you with a compact medium to showcase your brand, make a lasting impression and can be easily distributed at a low cost. 

Our company offers print material services to businesses locally, nationally and internationally. If you have any queries regarding brochure printing or would like to receive a speedy quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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