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Is Print Still Relevant?

Undoubtedly social and digital marketing is critical in a tech age where immediacy appears to be king, so, has print had its day? We don't think so. In fact, we think print has an enrichment quality, a higher value perception, and its increased permanence provides a longer shelf life and a potential generational reach as it’s handed on. Print is just as relevant today as it was before the age of the internet.

The USA is the largest single print market and the UK has some of the best printers who facilitate that. In fact, here at New Perspective Digital Print we are one of these printers with contracts to deliver sole print to large US companies. For us to design, create, print and deliver to America and still make it cost effective shows you the perceived value of print, and with digital technology giving you print on demand you really can have the best of both worlds. So, why is it that marketers and advertising companies forget about the power of print? When print provides valuable opportunities that scrolling on your phone and deleting yet another advert can never beat.

We can think of 5 reasons why you should be thinking twice about saying no to print.

Statistics don't lie

Recent statistics (MarksProf) found that 92% of 18- to 23-year-olds find it easier to read print over digital content and the response rate for direct-mail marketing is 37% higher than the email rate. Equally, consumers are 34% more likely to use a printed resource when making purchasing decisions over online search ads. At New Perspective Digital Print and Design, we believe a mix of online and offline initiatives is the best way for a company to build trust with their potential consumers.

How long do you pay attention to an online ad?

At best you may spend a minute or two looking at an online ad. Compare that to the shelf-life of a printed magazine, leaflet or newspaper and the difference is extraordinary. In fact, think about how many people see magazines and printed materials in supermarkets, doctors lounges, airports.

Stand Out

Oddly reverting back to traditional print as part of your marketing and advertising strategy will not only help you stand out from the digital crowd but help you engage with visual learners also. In fact, over 60% of us are visual learners, meaning words whilst okay don't resonate with us like printed images, info-graphics and icons.

Increase Loyalty

With email marketing campaigns facing dire open-rates as many of us are quick to press delete, the tangibility of a printed newsletter goes a long way and is seen by far more. Then there's the fact that companies who take the time to curate, print and send their members or consumers printed news or magazines are helping to build brand loyalty and create a sense of community far more successful than any email newsletter can be.

Build Trust

Last but my no means least, print allows you to build trust. Consumers in the U.S., France, Brazil and the UK were asked to rate the trustworthiness of news resources, and printed news magazines scored higher than news channels, radio bulletins and national newspapers. The research by Kantar, also found that consumers were more likely to trust the printed copy of the newspaper than the online version.

If you want to build an inclusive community of loyal brand consumers, then print needs to be part of your next campaign. Why not get in touch with us for a free creative brief meeting to find out more about how print can help you.


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