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Benefits Of Offline Advertising

Offline Advertising

Offline Advertising…

At New Perspective Print, as a digital printing company, we form an integral part of the marketing puzzle and, therefore, can assist businesses in reaching their overall marketing goals. Offline advertising, or for a more applicable term, offline marketing, is referred to as:

'marketing strategies and efforts that don't involve the use of digital or online channels. It includes traditional marketing types such as print, broadcast, direct mail, events and outdoor advertising.’

It is an essential part of any business's overall advertising strategy; it isn't only about how a business looks online. In fact, it has been found that print advertisements are trusted by 82% of customers.

The use of offline marketing materials allows the consumer a tangible object to feel and hold, or look and admire, which they will associate with the brand. By doing this, marketing campaigns frequently go from being easily ignored and ineffective on digital marketing platforms to being a memorable and engaging experience for current and prospective customers.

Here at New Perspective…

Several options, such as postcards, business cards, flyers, brochures and more, are available when deciding which offline marketing materials will benefit your business. Regardless of your business or target audience, here at New Perspective, print is the passport to relationships from which companies build strong and solid foundations. Here's why…


Brochures are an excellent way to showcase your brand and what you do. Compared to digital ads, such as Instagram and Facebook, there is no character limit that restricts you from truly showcasing who you are and what you stand for. For example, one Facebook advert limits you to only 25 characters for your chosen headline and 125 characters for your description. Brochures give you much more opportunity to promote yourself and your products or services; you have complete control over the design and content.

Brochures can also be given to consumers through multiple distribution channels, which is an easy and effective way to increase your audience's reach.

Think, are the representatives of your company armed with the right printed materials to best present your business? Having a brochure to leave behind with a prospect is a very powerful tool to stay in their psyche and stand out against the competition.

Direct Mail

There are many benefits to using direct mail to advertise your business. One of the main benefits is that it can be very targeted. Changing your messaging to different audiences is straightforward, from offering different types of services to offering a promotion to new or even loyal customers. Direct mail can be personalised, giving the client a more positive user experience.

According to the DMA reports, the average response rate for direct mail is 4.4%, while the average email response rate is only 0.12%.

Direct mail has demonstrated its effectiveness throughout time, and the data from this offline advertising method has proven its success.


Flyers can be used within direct mail campaigns, yet they are not limited to this.

Flyers can be distributed in several ways; as mentioned previously, they can be used within a direct mail campaign, yet they can also be distributed within shops, events and newspapers. They can reach a wider audience of people who have yet to hear of your brand before receiving a flyer.

Creating a flyer campaign is something which will take up a small amount of your time and will also be less costly than some digital marketing efforts, such as social media advertisements.

Business Cards

Business cards are an excellent way for people to remember your brand visually; they also allow you to be BOLD with your branding; you can use innovative and memorable graphics and visuals.

They are a great reminder of your details to anyone you hand them to. Within our fast-paced environment, especially if attending a networking event or TV show, email addresses, names and phone numbers are forgotten very early. A business card is the perfect pocket-sized reminder of how potential clients can recall information about you and your business. It is no surprise that digital business cards haven’t quite taken off.

Offline Advertising

Is offline marketing a part of your marketing strategy?

After reading this, we hope you are inspired to make offline advertising and marketing an integral part of your marketing strategy. You may even be surprised with the role it already plays in your business without knowing it.

New Perspective can help you think outside the box and create new offline advertising elements. We appreciate that there are several moving pieces involved in preparation for trade shows, product launches, or business start-ups. This requires a partner you can trust.

Here, we can help you with the design process, helping to produce innovative offline marketing materials that can help you stand out from the crowd. If you are considering the use of offline marketing materials for your business, then do not hesitate to get in contact with us;

T: 01227 282805

Or fill out our contact form on the contact page.


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